I want to donate, I don't know how!

If you go onto the homepage and scroll down, you will see a box below the stream where you can choose or customise the amount you give.
Once you have chosen an amount, you may pick a challenge to go with it.
Different challenges are worth different amounts of money, you can see a list of all the challenges here.
When you’re happy with your amount and challenge, click to confirm and you will be redirected to JustGiving’s website.
JustGiving is the platform that allows so many charities to easily raise money for their cause, they will handle all the payment process before redirecting you back to our website where you will see a summary of your donation.
Shortly after we will be alerted and announce the donation on stream.

What are the challenges and goals?

We’re doing things slightly differently this year!
Instead of a long-term donation goal, we’ve broken it down into mini goals and challenges.
You can donate for a specific challenge, but everyone works towards a common goal by donating any amount.
Our goals are constantly updated on stream, and you can see a full list of number-set challenges here.

Do I need an account to donate?

You do not need a Kapslock Gaming account to donate.
You do need a JustGiving account to donate. That is due to their policy and is beyond our control.

What’s the point of having a Kapslock Gaming account?

At this time, it’s mainly to allow you to keep track of your past donations. In the near future we have some cool plans for it.
Expect some sort of an achievement showcase on your profile, a community area where people can share and rate community made content, and other cool stuff!
If you have any suggestion or question, send us an email at

Something isn’t right with my Kapslock Gaming account

If you think there’s a problem with your Kapslock Gaming account, send an email to and we’ll look into it.
Keep in mind that this is very much a work in progress and your feedback is essential to make it great!

Do I have to donate to enter a giveaway?

There are many advantages to donating, such as watching us do challenges, and getting rewards, and not least because of helping charity!
However, for our game giveaways, you do NOT need to donate - just enter via typing in chat, once our bot opens up the raffle.

Do you take any of the money?

Nope! We let JustGiving handle all the payment details, we don’t touch a Penny!
Well, we poke Starrlett sometimes, but that doesn’t count!

Who are these people on the screen?

You can ask us in chat to do a rollcall of everyone, and you can find out individual information in the 'About Us' tab of our website.

My donation didn't go through/errored/messed up, what should I do?!

Don't panic, your donation probably went through but just didn't show up properly on our side.
Contact us in the Twitch chat or via for help.
If you encountered any error share that information as it can help us pinpoint the issue and solve it quicker!

Can I ask for a goal which is not listed?

Maybe, it will depend on who would have to complete it, and if they are willing to do it.
If it is a reasonable request it should not be a problem.

Can I donate £50 to get a £10 challenge 5 times?

There can be only one challenge maximum per donation, no matter the amount.
However, if you did do that, based on the situation someone might want to honor that.
We do not force anything on anyone and it is really a matter of what would be entertaining and reasonable.
If you have any doubts, just ask us, we'll tell you! :)

Why 'Butts'?!

'Butts' is our term of endearment, and buttheart ( 3> ) is how we show love!
Do not be alarmed by the butts, embrace them.... wait what?

Can I post links in chat?

Yes, but ask us or a mod if it is okay to do so, and specify what the link is.
Also, please avoid too much emote/caps spam, and please treat everyone with respect. 3>

I made fanart! Can I send it to you?

We love receiving fanart! If you have Twitter, you can tweet it to @KapslockGaming, and we’ll give it a retweet.
It may also feature on our website gallery, and you may get a cool badge on your profile!

How do I know when people are streaming?

The homepage has the full schedule including the games being played. It also lists the group activities.

The website doesn't work correctly for me, what happened?

If the website doesn't work or display correctly you probably need to enable javascript in your browser. You may also want to try and clear your cache, and restart the browser.
If the problems persist, contact us at