All challenges

Even if you can't donate much, EVERY amount, big or small, helps us get closer to our goal.
Even only £5 has a fun challenge, and if you keep an eye on the stream, we may do challenges during certain slots which only require £2!

Price Name Description
£3 Hug a Streamer Everyone hugs streamer whilst they continue playing
£5 Costume Change! Someone on couch puts on a piece of costume - hats and boas inbound!
£10 Change The Game! The person streaming will have to either: play blindfolded, play upside-down, share the controls with someone else, or play one-handed.
£15 Watercolours Someone has to paint a work of "art".
£20 Facepaint Someone must paint the face of another attendee.
£25 Cheez Wizzards Someone has to eat American "cheese"
£30 Whipped Cream To The Face Someone has a face mask applied to them, made from whipped cream and... well, just whipped cream really.